Hand Crafted Log Building with Quality & Excellence 


Quality of Service

Due to our experience, we are able to combine design services with handcrafted log shell construction and general contracting according to each client’s needs. Just as a log home is tied to its environment, so are all the aspects of creating a log home interconnected. A structure maintains its integrity if every feature is afforded the same attention to detail and devotion to craftsmanship. That’s why we can oversee it all, from drawing up the plans to completing the finish work. Hard work and attention to detail ensure that every project is on time and on budget. Our commitment to perfection in every step of the homebuilding process means our clients realize the dream of building a custom log home with complete confidence.



A well-designed log home should offer immediate visual satisfaction and a feeling of natural warmth and comfort. Owner Blair Anderson’s longtime practice as a log home designer makes him an ideal resource for clients who have a unique vision they hope to make a reality. Blair is deeply involved in the design phase of each project, and invites owners to play an active role in designing their home; this way, he creates custom log shells that are reflective of their needs and dreams. Communication is vital and collaboration is welcomed.

With the added expertise of Hilgard Log Builder’s architectural and design team, Blair and his clients create one-of-a-kind homes that are sustainable, energy efficient, and compatible with the building site’s unique climate and weather issues.


Handcrafted Log Shell Construction

IIt all begins with the trees, and the Yellowstone region’s vast timber resources provide an abundance of them. Hilgard Log Builders construct handcrafted log shells from local lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, Engelmann spruce, Western larch, and Western red cedar. Every tree is handpicked one at a time by Blair Anderson himself. Blair takes time to select individual logs that are large enough to result in energy-efficient homes, promising warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. He rotates his harvest to ensure sustainability, and strives to use timber at the end of its life cycle, knowing that the legacy of the trees will be preserved in the walls of a home.

Inspired by the strong tradition of handcrafted log work in the Yellowstone region and the centuries-old Scandinavian tradition of log home building, Blair and his building crew are true artisans in wood, intent on preserving an old-world craft in Southwest Montana. Hilgard Log Builders is distinguished in part by a crew composed of some of the most expert craftsmen in the industry, many having well over twenty years of experience. In addition to these tenured, lifelong craftsmen, we have enthusiastic journeymen and apprentices who approach each project with passion.

Our crew synthesizes a time-honored type of homebuilding with contemporary construction methods. Our commitment to tradition is unwavering, while our tools and equipment are always evolving to benefit each project and client. History, heritage, and craftsmanship merge with innovative design, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in every home we build.


General Contracting

In addition to designing and constructing custom log shells, Hilgard Log Builders often serve as General Contractors who will stay with a project to various stages of completion, or oversee the entire homebuilding process from start to finish. As a licensed General Contractor, owner Blair Anderson is often present from the initial excavation until the day the owners move in.

Having been in the industry for over three decades, Blair has fostered great business relationships with the cream of the crop among subcontractors, and knows exactly who among them can work with an integrity that matches his own. Blair subcontracts to the masters of their trades, all of whom play significant roles making a log home complete, efficient, and optimally livable while retaining its organic character.

When it comes to fine finish work, Hilgard Log Builders can apply the same artisanship we do while constructing the log shell. We are known for our top quality finishes and masterful woodworking.